Flat Roofs Guaranteed For Life


In 1999, High-Tech Membrane Roofing introduced home owners in Essex, Kent and London to the most advanced flat roofing systems, giving the ultimate in flat roof protection.

Flat Roofing Systems

High-Tech are licensed to supply and install the unique Anti Slip Protan Flat Roofing Systems, the highly acclaimed Saranfil Waterproofing Systems along with the Alritra Membranes. The above roofing products are predominantly architect driven within the commercial and local authority roofing sector, they have a Worldwide reputation and proven track records stretching over four decades protecting some of the UK’s and Worlds largest and most prestigious buildings.

Commercial Grade Roofing to Every Household

High-Tech first introduced these advanced flat roofing systems to the domestic market in 1999 allowing the homeowner the ultimate in flat roof protection and peace of mind. We have now installed and guaranteed over 9000 flat roofs having an untarnished reputation along with a before and after sales service that is second to none. All installations are carried out by our own roofing technicians and overseen by a quality control manager making our flat roofing systems a safe and economic investment.

Guaranteed For Life

High-Tech Membrane Roofing Ltd offers a rock solid unique LIFETIME guarantee. Our guarantee carries a 25 year full product and labour warranty fully transferable on request should the property be sold, the guarantee will be reassigned to the new property owners and will expire at the end of the 25 year term. In the event the original purchaser or purchasers of the roofing system still own the property at the end of the 25 year period the guarantee will remain in force until the property is either sold or passed on allowing the guarantee to extend to a LIFETIME term.


The guarantee is part underwritten through Homepro insurance. This means that in the unlikely event that we are not here to honour our guarantee Homepro will take over all liabilities of our guarantee.

They would employ a registered contractor to supply all materials and labour to correct any defects free of charge. The policy purchased on your behalf is the HomePro Value Plus Policy, please note this is a paid up policy on completion of contract and under any circumstances the policy cannot lapse.

Fair Trades

Homepro are part of the Fair Trades and specialize in insurance backed guarantee schemes to the domestic market. A Fair Trades member is a quality assured and trust worthy Company.

5 Steps to Success

A titanium dioxide top layer provides optimum UV resistance and is solar reflective, never requiring any type of covering-i.e stone chippings, solar paint or any other type of protective coating. A unique surface lacquer provides an easy to clean surface which is maintenance free and resistant to any air Bourne chemicals including unsightly moss and algae growth.

High-tech membranes are vapour permeable making it 100% resistant to blistering and as it is a breathable product it will eliminate the risk of condensation.

To achieve a great flat roof we swear by the following five steps:

List of Services

Making The Right Choice

Who you choose to fit your roof is as important as choosing the correct roofing material. You only need to look at the history and proven track records of our preferred Single-Ply Roofing Systems over the past four decades, they carry the highest of accreditations, are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and are dominant in the very competitive architect driven commercial sector making it a very safe and economic choice for your home.
But did you know our preferred Single-Ply Membranes can only be purchased and installed by a licensed installation company? All our roofing technicians are required to undergo rigorous training at designated NVQ Training Centres. The workmanship is continuously monitored and assessed to ensure a high level of standards are achieved and maintained.

Unfortunately the flat roofing industry has no governing body overseeing quality of materials and workmanship protecting you – the purchaser. Any one can call themselves a roofer and go to work. There are an alarmingly high number of workmen operating un-insured, this is due to the high premiums now required by the insurance industry and many have no Health & Safety Policy and Protected Guarantees.

We are licensed Installers and have built an untarnished reputation for first class workmanship, reliability and customer service. To become a licensed installation company the following criteria is required:-A minimum of 5 years trading, sufficient public and employer liability insurance, trained in health & safety, employ only trained installation technicians, appropriate insurance backed guarantees & financial stability.

High-Tech Membrane Roofing Limited is 100% committed to customer care and satisfaction and providing the very best in flat roof waterproofing, we are a safe and economic choice for flat roofing needs.
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